Get Your Respiratory Issues Tested By Specialists

It is very important that your respiratory system functions properly, and to ensure that you do not have any of the respiratory issues, get yourself tested at the centre in Cleveland. Various tests that check the functioning of human lung are performed, some of these are: Spirometery, lung volume, gas transfer, six minute walk test, bronchial provocation, vital capacity while standing and lying, MIPS, MEPS, FENO and many more. For those who are new to respiratory issues and are kind of over whelmed about so many tests, here is all you need to know. Spirometry because is a test that allows the specialist to measure the amount if air you inhale and exhale and the speed at which you do.

The next test known as gas transfer basically tests how much of the air from the lungs is further transferred to red blood cells in your body. Through this test, the specialist suites in Brisbane are able to identify if you have asthma or emphysema. It also allows them to access of there are any clot in your lungs, or if they are bleeding or not. In short this test allows seeing if your lung or any related blood vessels are affected or not. Lung volume is a test that by measuring the amount if air in the lungs access if there is a disease that is restricting or obstructing the air flow in the lungs or not. This is because most chronic diseases affect the efficiency at which the human respiratory system normally operates.

The next test that is conducted on patients complaining any respiratory issue is bronchial provocation, this test helps to identify if someone is suffering from asthma or not. For the respiratory system to function properly, it is important that the muscles that support this system are healthy and strong. To know if your respiratory muscles are working efficiently, MIPS AND MEPS is conducted. This test measures the pressure at which the air is inspired and expired by the human lungs.

A vital component of the human respiratory system is the diaphragm, its movement during inhale and exhale is crucial. Therefore to test it, they have the vital capacity test while the patient is standing and is lying down.  For proper growth and development, human body needs oxygen and to check the levels of oxygen, the test Exercise oximetry is conducted. Another test for checking oxygen levels is the six minute walk.

So if you or any of your friends or family members experience any sort if difficulty in breathing, contact the team at Redlands Specialist Centre, they will book you an appointment. All you have to do is discuss the case with them in detail and they will let you know which test to conduct, after the test is carried out they will discuss your results with you and decide on what procedure or medicine to follow for your health care. The specialist they have on board for respiratory issues include Dr. Gonesh Karmakar and Dr. Anura Seneviratna.